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With experience of over 8 years, Jeffry D’Souza a passionate artist is the proud founder, creator and backbone of TRUE INK STUDIOS. His tattooing expertise is into conceptualizing and designing tattoos as well as creating them for you, in the best way possible. When it comes to cover ups he a genius alongside putting in a lot of thought and bringing out bright ideas into the design you need. He has amazing knowledge into which design may suit your skin tone and structure. He colors it up like a painter and is great at using splash of colors to enhance your tattoo and make it look like a masterpiece thus, bringing out uniqueness and defining the extraordinary.

True Ink Studios always wants to know “What’s Your Story?” It is your tattoo and the story behind it that defines you. So Hola! Welcome to True Ink Studios and don’t hesitate on telling us your story, through design and art which is the crux to curating a Tattoo for you.